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Looking at the huge number of links, my code snippets and samples that I've accumulated during my journey with Crystal Reports and Report Server (RAS), I've realized that something should be done with all that. So, for all who are struggling with similar problems I've faced while pursuing that elusive goal of putting Crystal Reports on the web, I will put as much information here as I can ...

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Saving a report on the server

If you have sufficient permissions, of course, you can save a report by calling SaveAs method belonging to ReportClientDocument object:
// Saves report on RAS Server into adhoc folder.
// If third parameter is 1, it will overwrite exisiting report.

private void SaveReportOnServer(string newReportName)
object parentFolderPath;
parentFolderPath = "c:\\reports\\";
_reportClientDocument.SaveAs(newReportName, ref parentFolderPath , 1);


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